Our stop motion animation setup

What kit do we use for creating our stop motion LEGO animations?

This is something we’ve been asked by just about everyone we’ve told about the website so here’s a quick overview of the kit we’re using to get started:

Lighting and background

AmazonBasics Portable Photo Studio – We quickly realised that lighting and background were important but for us so is space! The photo studio we use is collapsible so we can pack it away when not in use but still has a full set of integrated LED lights. It basically makes it possible to capture high-quality images with the smartphone on just about any table we have available.

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iPhone 7 – I’m sure we’ll need to upgrade the camera at some point but the iPhone is working really well to get started and as long as you have good lighting it seems to get reasonable results.

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KobraTech Mobile Phone Tripod – This is a cheap and simple phone tripod that’s ideal to get started with and even better it comes with a bluetooth remote trigger button for activating the camera on the phone without touching and accidentally moving the position.

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Yuanj Professional 360 Degree Electric Rotating Turntable – After struggling on our first few videos to get a nice smooth 360 degree view of the build we decided to invest in a simple photographers turntable that can be move either manually or electronically depending on the effect we’re after. This one comes with a 25kg weight limit so we can also use if for some of the bigger builds we have planned.

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What’s next?

The plan is to work with this kit and get some animations put together. At the minute, it feels like we’re learning new things with every brick that gets added. We have added a small LED Ikea table lamp to the mix for a little more light already!

If you’ve got any questions then just drop a quick comment on one of our Youtube videos and we’ll try to give you a sensible reply.

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